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Hello everyone,

It must be autumn now because the ram has arrived. We saw him jumping out of the trailer last week and he struts up and down in the middle paddock looking very important. This is the time when we are busy getting all the jobs done before the winter. All the hay is stacked and stored, fences and gates are mended and there are always leaves to be swept away. In the Rabbitarium the indoor winter run is almost finished and they are putting in lights and power sockets as well. I don’t think rabbits are as tough as goats so they probably need these luxuries, especially as we now have 2 new rabbits living here.

Something else new is our memorial tree. This isn’t a real tree, it’s made from metal and it stands between the encounter barn and the activity park. It is for people to remember those who are special to them by having a leaf engraved with a name. The leaves are going to be made out of coloured metals so they will always stay on the tree and visitors can come and see them whenever they want. There is even a little elf door at the bottom of the tree for children to put wishes in.

I like children and we see quite a few here at Stowfield, either as visitors or actually working here helping out.  Work experience students from school often clean out our house and fill up the hay and water and one of them even helped to catch the sheep for their medicine the other day.  This is for everyone, young and old, and we are always glad to see you.

If you haven’t visited us before, why not come along to our Christmas Tea in the Afternoon event on Wednesday 4th December. Have some tea and cake, meet the people who work here and, most importantly, come and say hello to me and my family. There is plenty of room to walk around and the pathways are all wide and safe for everything from roller skates to wheelchairs.