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Hello everyone,

What a month for visitors it has been, we’ve seen so many people coming to visit here at Stowfield. Of course they all want to feed us and that’s the best part about it. Don’t tell my sisters but I think that the more treats we get from visitors the less we get fed in the evening so we don’t overeat.

It costs a lot to feed all the animals here so we are always grateful for donations. People have been very generous and every month the man opens the wishing well and takes out all the money they have put in it.

It isn’t just us animals that benefit though; the Orchard Trust supports and provides services to lots of people and donations help us to make things even more special for them. The staff and friends of the Orchard Trust have been raising money all this year as the charity is 30 years old. Everything from Zipwires to triathlons, barn dances and spending the night in the grounds of a haunted house.

It isn’t just money though; people give their time to help out with the grounds, taking care of us animals and also to help others who need support to come and be with us. A man called Mike gave us over 100 bales of hay, enough to feed all of us all winter! I think everything around us is here simply to make a difference to people’s lives. Sometimes it’s a very small difference like having a laugh watching us jump around on our goat gymnasium but other times it’s a big difference, like making someone smile who hasn’t smiled for a long while or giving someone a reason to get out for a walk, swing on a swing or explore the sensory room. Goats don’t usually get a chance to do wonderful things like that so I think I’m very lucky to live here.

Why not come and see us, perhaps we can put a smile on your face too or you could even help us to make someone else’s day really special.