Current Fundraising Projects

New and exciting projects

If you would like to support any of our projects please contact or make a donation at this link.

Sevenoaks Sensory Garden

Our Sevenoaks home has a lovely sensory garden, designed for clients to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of nature. The paths need widening and tarmacking to make them accessible for the types of wheelchairs used by our Sevenoaks clients. The project will cost £7,500, of which we have raised £4,000. With your donation to this project we can get clients out into the garden to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of time spent in the great outdoors.


Stowfield Wildlife Pond

We plan to build a wildlife pond on our Therapeutic Smallholding site. Our pond will enable people with additional needs to experience hands-on learning, promoting a deeper understanding of the natural world and will offer the mental health benefits of time spent in nature. The pond will enrich the biodiversity of our site by introducing new habitats and food plants for the wildlife. It will have a bee hotel, log pile, flower bank and rockery.

The pond will have a large, fenced, wheelchair accessible deck. It will have a ‘Learning Station’, with equipment and information for pond-dipping and wildlife watching.

The project will cost £8,500. Can you make a donation to give nature a home, and support educational experiences for people with special needs?