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Swimming Pool

The Therapy Suite is a purpose built complex consisting of a Hydrotherapy pool and a floor-level trampoline

The Orchard Trust Therapy Suite is a small complex located on our Stowfield Site, consisting of a Hydrotherapy and a Rebound Therapy Trampoline room. The pool and trampoline are used for therapy, exercise and relaxation.

The pools are used for therapy, exercise and relaxation. The Therapy Suite is situated at our Lower Lydbrook site next to The Day Services Centre and Smallholding. All Therapy Suite staff are trained in Rebound Therapy, and are trained in RLSS Emergency Poolside Response. They are responsible for maintaining the safety of Therapy Suite users at all times.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of a wide range of different conditions. It involves moving or being moved through warm water and completing pain free exercises to help alleviate aches and pains, and encourage relaxation. There are many benefits to Hydrotherapy, meaning it can be used by a wide spectrum of people.  Our pool is kept at 35-36∘ and is a constant 1.2m deep, you can have a maximum of 5 people in the pool, but all non-swimmers are to be accompanied in the pool by a water confident member of their own staff/care team.

Further information

Sessions are £60 for an hour, this includes a member of the Therapy Suite staff who will be at poolside as a pool supervisor. The pool is floor level, and has overhead hoists in the changing rooms and into the pool from poolside, we also have a set of steps with guidance rail to help enter the pool. We have a range of floatation devices for people to utilise during their sessions, and our staff can show you how best to use these in order to get the most from your session. We also have an overhead projector for sensory lights and sound system for those who wish to bring along their own music.

We offer a free trial session, where you can meet the Therapy Suite staff, discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve from your sessions, we can discuss any existing physiotherapy plans you have and how we can incorporate this into your sessions, so you have a fully tailored Hydro programme to meet your requirements, that will develop as your needs and abilities change.

Booking Sessions:

We operate a structured timetable for our facilities, so bookings can be on a regular basis, or adhoc if required. For more information about our sessions or to book a trial session, please email us on or call on 01594 861702.

Explore our Lydbrook facilities that offers both mental and social stimulation within a safe, secure, friendly environment.

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Upper Stowfield,
Lower Lydbrook,
Gloucestershire GL17 9PD

Telephone: 01594 860 615

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