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Hello everyone,

The year is drawing to an end and Christmas is here. What a year it has been, so much has happened. Thank you for reading about my life here at The Orchard Trust and the things they do and, if you have come along to see us this year, a special thank you from all the animals.

The Trust is still celebrating its 30th birthday and they are still running lots of activities and fund-raising events up to next February.

Exciting news, we are going to get some more pigs! They are going to live in the paddock beyond the ash tree and there will be a boar and two sows. This means there will be piglets next spring; they are so cute and funny and I’m sure our clients and visitors will love them. People have been very generous this year, with money, time and advice and the generosity of our visitors has helped us with new projects like the encounter barn, the Rabbitarium, the new pigs and the Celebration Tree. All these things help us to provide an even better experience for our Day Service clients and the hundreds of visitors we get. If you haven’t been here yet you are most welcome in 2020, why not have a look at the website and you can see some pictures and our new video that shows off what we do.

At the moment we are sharing our paddock with some of the sheep. There has been so much rain recently that their enclosure was flooded and they are staying with us while new drains are being dug. They are the ewes that are too young to be with the ram or who had a difficult birth last spring.

I hope you are in the festive spirit; they wanted me to wear a Santa hat for a Christmas picture but I’m not having that. I’m proud of my cute little horns and you wouldn’t be able to see them under a hat!

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday from all at the Orchard Trust.