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On the smallholding we raise livestock but we also want to raise expectations, awareness and spirits

We grow crops but we also want to grow confidence, independence, self-esteem and abilities. The Smallholding at Stowfield is at the very heart of the Orchard Trust and it was here that the Trust began in 1989. It’s purpose was to give creative and meaningful work opportunities to the residents (and later clients) and this ethos still holds today.

The smallholding is approximately 7 acres and sits within our 17 acre site of mixed woodland, pasture and buildings at Upper Stowfield.  We have a range of livestock including hens, pigs, goats, sheep and a range of small animals. All these animals are tame enough to give our clients and visitors the chance to work with them.

Nuala’s Notes

Further information

We are always looking for new clients and volunteers to enable us to expand the types of livestock, crops and activities that we have. We feel very strongly that an accessible smallholding should be a resource for the whole community and we encourage a wide variety of outside organisations to visit. We host gentle country walks (mainly aimed at people with dementia and their carers) on the third Thursday of every month.

The Stowfield site also offers facilities for all personal care needs, including electric hoist and a changing table, but visitors must provide their own support staff where needed.

Contact information

Upper Stowfield,
Lower Lydbrook,
Gloucestershire GL17 9PD

Telephone: 01594 860 615

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