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Hello everyone,

this is my favourite time of the year because the days are longer and warmer and there is blossom everywhere. The smallholding is busy with new life and visitors who come to see (and feed!) us. I have a new house where I live with my sister Niamh and her two beautiful little kids but all the goats get together in the field during the day.

I think we are going to get a new adventure park! The Forest of Dean Men’s Shed came to see us and they are going to build it in our field. It will have things to climb and balance on and it will be just for us goats. There is another activity park for all the other visitors, with swings, a roundabout, climbing frame and a trampoline. It is a special park because anyone can use it; all the equipment can take a wheelchair and they are very easy to get to. There are toilets very close, including a wet room with a hoist and proper changing facilities if someone needs them. We goats don’t worry about things like that but we know it is very important to our visitors.

We all love visitors here at Stowfield. We are very proud of what we have and we want to share it with as many people as possible. Whether you are one person or a very large group you will always be welcome. Everyone here is very caring and if you have any additional needs please let us know.

I was looking forward to hearing about the great zipwire adventure but it had to be postponed because the weather was so bad. A large group of staff and supporters were going to jump off a high cliff and ride on a wire over a big lake. That sounded like something any goat would love to do but it isn’t as easy for humans and they were going to be very brave and raise money for the Orchard Trust, the charity that runs the site here. I hope they get a new day soon.