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Hello everyone,

I’m a bit sad at the moment because I lost the baby I was carrying. Everyone did all they could and I even had a caesarean section but sadly he didn’t survive. We goats are herd animals and it helps that my sister Niamh had 2 beautiful kids; they are a couple of weeks old now and completely adorable. Everyone wants to watch them bouncing and jumping around and sometimes they let people hold them if they are gentle. All the ewes have finished lambing now and the big field is full of jumping bundles of spring energy. I think we have also got two orphan lambs as well; there is coming and going all hours of the day as they are given bottles of milk and sometimes they come out to play and are every bit as bouncy as we are.

Spring is a wonderful time to come and visit us here at Stowfield, especially now there are so many new things to look at. There will be a Grand Opening next month to show off the new site. There is the Activity Park, with wheelchair accessible equipment, the encounter barn where you can meet me and my friends, the sensory garden, the sensory room with all the audio-visual equipment and something they call the ‘Rabbitarium’ which is where you can meet the little animals. The staff and clients at the dayservice have all worked very hard to get things ready and would really like to see you if you want to come and visit. There is no charge to come here but if you are able to make a donation it would be put to good use as they are always trying to expand and improve the facilities.

I hear they are raising money to build a special new toilet for the people who use wheelchairs. We goats don’t worry about toilets but I know it is very important to our visitors and the more visitors we get the more little food treats we get so I think it is very important indeed.