Sponsor a Sheep


We have a mixed flock of sheep with some Mule sheep, some Southdown crosses and some Blue-faced Leicester crosses. Some of them have been with us a few years and there are lambs born every spring. The older sheep all have names and distinct personalities and they will come running if you shake a bucket of food anywhere near them. They keep the grass in the paddocks short and they need hay and sheep nuts during the winter. Every spring the shearer comes to clip off their long wooly coats. Sometimes we adopt an orphan lamb and we have to bottle feed them, something everyone who comes here likes to do. Many of our old sheep started their time here as bottle-fed lambs.



Your gift includes:
A beautiful colour card featuring your chosen animal
sponsorship certificate for your year’s animal sponsorship
Twice yearly updates about your chosen animal
Animal encounter experience: visit our Forest of Dean Smallholding to meet, feed and pet your animal buddy.

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