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Hello everyone,

The sun is shining again and we have had loads of visitors recently from places as far away as Stroud, Hereford and Tewkesbury. They have all come to see the animals, enjoy the activity park and walk in the sensory garden.

Our huge news this month is that we have an activity park all of our own, just for goats! A wonderful team of volunteers from the Forest Men’s Shed (including quite a few ladies too) came and spent a whole day building towers and ramps, swings and see-saws for us to play on. Not only is it great for us to jump around on but the visitors seem to like watching us do it as well.

Some of them might even want to have a go themselves. I know that a few weeks ago a brave bunch of staff and supporters went down the big zipwire at Tidenham to raise funds for the trust. I think it must have been a lot like flying and I hope they enjoyed it because they managed to raise over £2000 to help us develop and run the services here and at our residential homes in the Forest. You don’t have to jump off cliffs to help us though; we would love to see anyone who wanted to help out. There are all sorts of jobs to do; from weeding and cutting the grass to cleaning out and feeding the animals like us, painting the garden furniture, driving our minibus or growing crops in the polytunnel. We are very proud of what we do here and we want to share it with as many people as possible. Come and see us; it’s free, it’s fun and it’s accessible.

By the time you read this we will have had our Grand Summer Fete. Right now though, everyone is hard at work getting ready for the day. All my family will be there, including the 2 babies who are now growing up and very bouncy and cute. This is our 30th birthday Summer Fete this year so there will be lots to celebrate.