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Celebration Tree Leaves

The celebration tree is a metal sculpture located on our Stowfield Day Service Site.

It celebrates important life events as well as the lives of those no longer with us through the placing of personalised, stamped leaves. Leaves cost a minimum donation of £30 and will stay on the tree for a minimum of 5 years but indefinitely if space allows. They are 16cm long and oak or chestnut shaped and can be supplied in steel or aluminium.

The leaves

Celebration tree leaves will naturally oxidise with time; steel will turn a rusty red while aluminium will turn white. Leaves can hold 2 lines of characters with a maximum of 15 characters including spaces per line.  Text will be in black uppercase and centered.

We will have an official opening ceremony for the tree in the spring next year when hopefully the first few leaves will have started to appear!

Order online

You can order and pay for your celebration tree leaf online using our short online form below. You can also download a paper copy of our order for here. Please complete and return via email to