Darwin and Dave


They are named after Charles Darwin and David Attenborough. Darwin is a dwarf hamster (this means he is meant to be small) and he is so small that we don’t usually let people hold him. He has his own cage as hamsters do not usually like company.
Dave is a Syrian hamster and he mainly comes out at night and in the late afternoon so we don’t see him very often. He does like to run around the floor in his little ball and when we are cleaning his cage he goes exploring everywhere. He is very soft and quite small so we have to be careful letting people handle him. Quite often he likes to run around in his wheel or run through the clear tunnels around his cage and you can see him very clearly.

Gift Aid

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Your gift includes:
A beautiful Colour Card featuring your chosen animal
Sponsorship certificates for your year’s animal sponsorship
Twice yearly updates about your chosen animal
Animal encounter experience: visit our Forest of Dean Smallholding to meet, feed and pet your animal buddy.


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