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Elderly Care Matters

Elderly Care Matters is an ezine (electronic magazine), from Speechmark Publishing. Elderly Care Matters provides great practical advice, reminiscence discussions, tips, lots of activities and ideas to try - all intended to make your life as a professional on the front line easier and to enable you to ensure a good quality of life for your service users. Click here to visit their webpage.

Reminiscence and Discussion Boxes

Fill a box with a diverse collection of items that will trigger some discussion or reminiscence. Include such items as postcards, pictures, stamps, coins, clothes pegs, hats, books, comics, combs, ties, an old passport, toys, ornaments, jewellery, old photographs etc. The box can be the focus of a group or some one-to-one work. Slowly examine the contents and encourage those you are supporting to share any thoughts and reminiscences they trigger. You can build up a collection of several discussion boxes - they are a great resource to call on. 


This is usually a lively session. Each participant discloses their name including any middle names that others might be unaware of. They then tell us why their parents chose that name for them and what they think about their name. Clients can also recall any nicknames they had, either at school or work, or any family ‘pet’ names they were called by. Ask the clients whether their children used to address them by their first names or Mum/Dad or Sir! You can also get them to disclose what they would have liked to have been called and why they called their children the names they chose. You could also talk about names for family pets, as some of these can be quite bizarre.

You can buy books of names for expectant parents deliberating what to call their offspring. These tell you the meanings, origin and variations of names, which is always fascinating and you can explore this for each client. Surnames can be similarly explored through books or more easily via the internet. There are specialist genealogy websites which tell you the meaning and derivation of surnames.  

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 02.03.2012

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