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Rebound Therapy

Orchard Trust Swim Gym has an in-floor, easily accessible trampoline, with sessions run by our fully trained Rebound Practitioner. Sessions can be adapted to suit individual needs and are offered at a group rate of £12 per person (for a 30 minute session for a maximum of 3 people) and an individual rate of £24 per person (for a 30 minute 1-to-1 session with our trainer). You can also bounce your way towards a Winstrada Award! For more information, please contact 01594 861702. 

Nature Detectives

This site has a wealth of nature themed activity ideas. Click here for some great activities you can do this season.


Rummaging is a behaviour often seen in clients with dementia and it is often dismissed as aimless and interfering, as occasionally the client will rummage through others’ property. Yet to the sufferer it is a meaningful activity. Suggesting it as an activity is about providing the opportunity to rummage without causing distress to others. You can supply the person with a pillow case or a cardboard box full of objects, but perhaps the best ideas are to use an old suitcase or an old chest of drawers. These can be full of all sorts of odds and ends, old jewellery, magazines, bric a brac, buttons on a long string, photographs, postcards, toys, pens, paper, a book, ball of wool, spark plug, brush etc, as many as you can muster. Try to ensure that some of the objects are things which can be used and shared such as a photo or postcard album and brush, so that you could join the client for a while. The opportunity is also there for joint client / carer rummaging, “Shall we sort out this old suitcase Sheila?” The simple purpose is companionship, conversation and stimulation of the senses, though it may also lead on to some reminiscence.

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 02.03.2012

Indoor Hockey

This exciting game (which is not as dangerous as it sounds!) can be played from the safety of an armchair. It is great fun and provides good upper body exercise. Sit the group in a wide circle and divide them into two teams facing each other. Nominate one player on each side as goalkeeper. The aim is for opposing teams to get the ball between the legs of the chair of the opposing goalkeeper. No player is allowed to use their legs or feet to kick the ball other than the goalkeeper. The rules are flexible; either continue until the first team scores 3 goals or play for 10 minutes each way. Plastic sticks can be obtained from occupational therapy and activity catalogues. Ensure that you have lightweight balls so that no-one gets hurt. Once the fun has begun the group leader should act as the referee.


An alternative game using the same equipment is to use a small cardboard box on its side as indoor golf target practice. Each player has five shots at the box and the winner is the one with the most successful shots on target. It is a sort of penalty shoot out. This could easily become a regular fixture.

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 10.02.2012

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  • 01/04/2019 11:10am
  • MindSCAPE is a 4 year BIG Lottery funded project, developed to enable people living with dementia and their carers, to reconnect with the landscape in a sociable and creative way.