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Who's Who?

Take a sheet of stiff coloured card or paper and arrange photographs of both residents and staff on it. Cut out the photos and stick them onto the coloured sheet. Make a colourful collage around the photos. Write the person's name under each photograph. This activity offers much scope for inclusion and just sitting gathering good pictures for the collage and having a chat will be time well spent. Another variation is to take fresh pictures and place them next to old pictures or pictures of the residents as children if you can get them.

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 24.07.2012

Potato Printing

This is a simple method of printing and produces lovely designs. Chop a potato in half and carve a design into the cut surface using a sharp knife. The designs are best kept simple, for example, crosses and stars. Put a fairly thick layer of paint on a plate, dip the carved potato in, then press it onto a sheet of paper. Repeat the process, building up a design.

Candle Making

This is an excellent activity for individuals or small groups. It is not as messy or as dangerous as it at first sounds, but some care is needed as you will be dealing with hot wax. Initial misgivings and messiness will soon disappear after the first two or three sessions. It will not take long to get some experience and you will soon be able to make attractive table decorations. Use the candles you make, light them and then make some more. Good easy- to-use starter kits are available from craft and toy shops. Later if it goes down well you can experiment by buying your own wax and molds then adding colour and scents.

To make a candle, put the wax in a bowl and put this in a pan of water so that the wax melts slowly. Do not put a pan of wax directly onto the heat. When your wax has melted you add your colour and scent. You prepare the mould by threading a wick through it and sealing around the hole with some plasticine or sticky tac. Now you pour the wax into the mould and let it set. Don't be put off if this seems too fiddly, try a kit first and follow the instructions, there is no great mystery and clients will be encouraged greatly by the results. Once you have a few moulds and are good at it you can make quite a few at each session. Fundraisers should note that candles sell very well.

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 10.02.2012

Magazine Holder

This is a useful object and one that can be made as a project with individuals or a group. You need a card board box or a cereal packet which you cut diagonally from the top corner to about 5cm above the bottom corner to achieve the shape of a magazine holder. Using a large corrugated cardboard box will give you a stronger product. Once you have achieved this shape you can strengthen any joins with tape and you are now ready to decorate it. The simplest way is to just cover it in sticky backed plastic, but it is far nicer to use the magazine holder as the basis of a collage. The collage can be done on any theme, but if the magazine holder is to be used as a general purpose magazine rack then it is a good idea to do a collage of magazine front page headings. Gluing these on with PVA will also help to make it more robust.

Source:  Elderly Care Matters, 02.03.2012

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