Wishing Well

Posted by TB on 27 April 2017

As part of the plan to make the Stowfield site fully accessible to everyone in the local community we decided that we would not be making a charge to visit but we would give visitors a chance to make a donation.

We wanted something that would discretely advertise the fact that donations were welcomed and also be robust and attractive enough to be part of the site. When we were approached by Gloucester College in February about a project that would link us with their level 1 bricklaying and carpentry students, the idea of a ‘wishing well’ donation station came up. What better incentive to donate your money than a wishing well.  

With Dan Humphris acting as the link person for the college, we gave the students a working brief about what we needed and they, and their tutors, responded with a plan. The bricklaying students came to assess the site and then returned to lay the foundation slabs, while the carpentry students set about designing and making the wishing well.

On April 13th Dan and Rachael Capener, the Renovation Project Manager for GlosCol, presented us with the finished well which wonderfully exceeded our initial specifications. The wishing well now stands as both attractive ornament and practical fundraiser and was officially opened on 20th April when a ribbon was untied by Neil Perkins and his daughter.

DSC 1501.