Sensory Garden Project

Posted by Tina Baker on 30 June 2015

Sevenoaks is currently raising money to build a sensory garden at the it's site in Coleford which can be enjoyed by the services users and visitors of the home.

The garden, which has been designed by Scott Baine and Nichola Goff of The Rewild Project is based around the human senses.

postcard orchard trust sensory garden

Each area of the garden will be split into sight, sound, taste and smell with plants and sculptures that represent these, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the experience of the garden.

Within the senses will be raised beds will be designed so people in wheelchairs can access and help tend and harvest the garden.

A easily accessible path will take visitors through each sense and past sculptures, water features, instruments and seating areas

xylophone image

The taste area will be planted with edible plants and herbs which will help to educate and promote healthy eating whilst also stimulating the smell and sight and taste senses.

The project will be split into 8 phases:

  • Phase 1 - path laying due to start in July/August.
  • Phase 2 & 3 will include the benches and pond area
  • Phase 4 & 5 will include the main planting of the senses and raised beds 
  • Phase 6 - the sculptures
  • Phase 7 - Trees
  • Phase 8 - planting the fedge which is a living willow fence and gate to protect the garden from sheep and deer

We are going to need lots of help from volunteers and fundraising to keep this project moving forward so please contact us here if you would like to help in any way.

You can also visit our MyDonate page for details of how to donate to this project and others within the Trust or text ORCH11£3 to 70070.  We will keep progress updates of the project here and on our Facebook page 



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