GE Aviation help at Orchard Trust

Posted by tb on 25 October 2017

Six members of staff from GE Aviation in Gloucester used their volunteer day to help at the Orchard Trust Day Service, Smallholding in Lydbrook.

The group got to work clearing the old duckery to make way for the new rabbitarium.  This will be a big covered and fenced outdoor space where rabbits can run free and service users can get in amongst them.  The new space will mean that service users and visitors to the Day Centre can interact fully with the smaller animals and help with their care.

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Phill Hucks the manager of the Day Centre said “A volunteer party form GEC Aviation came to help with our new Rabbitarium project. They dismantled and recycled the old fencing and helped to clear the ground ready for new development. This was a major help to us as it moved the new project from the planning stage to the start of construction. It was great to have the team with us and they did a great job.”



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  • Trust Our Voice put together a video about the group.  They all got involved videoing, being part of the film and helping with voice overs.