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Bookings are taken in 3, 4 and 5 week blocks and must be paid for in advance


 5 weeks  1 day/week   £180 
   2 days/week   £360 
   1/2 day/week   £90 


4 weeks  1 day/week   £144 
   2 days/week   £288
   1/2 day/week   £72 


3 weeks  1 day/week   £108 
   2 days/week   £216 
   1/2 day/week   £54 


Charges are equivalent to £36 per day and £18 per half day

Please contact 01594 861359 or email for more information or to book 


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We are a non-profit organisation so we require donations to keep us going.


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News and Events

  • 31/05/2018 10:59am
  • Residents from a local care home visited the Orchard Trust activity park and smallholding site.  They tried out the park equipment and met some of the animals.  It is fantastic to see a range of people using the activity park and getting so much out of it.  We welcome anyone to come and visit the site and use the equipment, we just ask that you please call Phill or George on 01594 861359 to let them know you are coming.

  • 15/05/2018 1:38pm
  • Last week the Trust was delighted to host visitors from Thessalonika in Greece.