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We value the vast range of experience, skill and knowledge our Volunteers bring to the Orchard Trust.  They enrich the lives of the people we support in many ways, including assisting with activities, helping with access to the community and giving time on our smallholding and gardens. 

Think about what skills, knowledge, experience and time commitment you have.  What could you bring to volunteering and how would you like to get involved?  Could you share your hobby or interests with the people we support? Please get in touch if you would like to join our team.

Current Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Gardener - We are looking for volunteers to help support us in maintaining our gardens o that it provides a stimulating and therapeutic place to spend time. We need help with weeding, mowing grass, tidying and planting.


  • Admin Support - Head Office - We would like help assisting the office team with any administration duties seen as appropriate, contributing to the efficient running of the Orchard Trust.  This would suit someone looking for experience in an office environment.


  • Driver - We are looking for volunteers to help the people we support access appointments and activities within the community.


  • Activity Support Volunteer - We are looking for volunteers to join ACE (Activities, Creativity, Engagement) sessions to support individual service users to engage in whatever activity is taking place for the session.  This could be cooking, art, craft, IT, gardening etc.


  • Smallholding - Our smallholding gives people with disabilities access to the outdoor environment.  We are looking for volunteers to undertake animal care, horticulture and help towards the general upkeep of the smallholding.


  • Smallholding Support - We want to help and support people with disabilities to access the outdoor environment and enjoy participating in therapeutic work activities.  the more people we have available to help the more we can offer. We are looking for volunteers to help support people undertaking animal care, horticulture and many out door activities.


  • Pool Spotter - We want to help and support people with disabilities to access hydrotherapy as often as possible.  the more people we have available to help, the more sessions we can offer to those who need them.  A pool spotter helps to ensure that the sessions are as safe and enjoyable as possible, providing extra support to the care staff.


  • Swim Aid - Hydrotherapy is a great way of helping to improve the lives of adults who have complex and multiple disabilities.  A swim aid will support a person in the pool and help them to enjoy and get the most from their session, they may help out with pool games and support therapeutic exercise programmes.


Click here for a Volunteer Application Form

Check out the projects that our group of volunteers have been involved in here

For more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 01594 861137 or email here.

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